Media Relations

Fred Muir Communications has a team of media relations experts that include former award-winning journalists with California and national media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and San Diego Union-Tribune. Our media specialists know how to create and tell stories in ways that are compelling for journalists and your audiences. We work daily with print, TV, radio and online journalists and bloggers.

Our media relations experience includes proactive campaigns to promote client initiatives as well as defensive strategies to limit negative or unwanted media coverage.

In addition to ongoing media relations, our core services include building message platforms; media/presentation training; acting as spokesperson for our clients, including in on-camera broadcast interviews; and executive level writing.

Public Affairs

We are passionate about public policy. We know how to drive initiatives and sell ideas. We know government and politics and have worked with clients on the local, state and national level for more than a decade.

We help clients crystalize their messages and bulletproof their positions, including preparing for presentations, public hearings and forums and litigation.

This involves working with media and stakeholders, including community members and organized groups, employees, regulatory and other government agencies as well as labor unions.

Our public affairs practice includes working with clients that have issues of public or community interest or are subject to government oversight. Along with individual companies, we also represent business trade organizations and issue advocacy groups.

We also represent government agencies to increase awareness of their initiatives and better tell their story to taxpayers and other constituencies.

Our pubic affairs practice includes development of thought leadership and issues management campaigns in which we work closely with editorial boards of major publications in Los Angeles, the state and nationwide.

We help clients conceive and execute surveys, studies and research initiatives and develop and disseminate reports and white papers to build credibility, help spread awareness of their issues and drive media interest.

In recent months we have assisted clients in preparing and placing OpEds and commentaries in major publications including the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, (Los Angeles) Daily News, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, UT San Diego, La Opinion and the San Jose Mercury-News among others.

We have arranged editorial board meetings and elicited editorial page support for our client’s initiatives with the major publications throughout California.

Crisis Communications

We have an experienced team of crisis communications professionals with decades of combined experience and battle-tested in numerous crisis situations.

Fred Muir Communications works with clients to quickly develop strategies and tactics that will preserve and protect a company’s reputation. Partnering with senior management, we develop messages that will resonate with critical audiences to set and define the agenda and establish the most accurate and favorable vocabulary.

Our experienced team of crisis communications professionals has navigated a wide variety of crisis situations, from 60 Minutes investigations and a Fortune 50 corporate financial collapse, to a government agency facing charges of corruption, organizations attacked by radical groups, labor strikes, product recalls and high stakes litigation among others.

Our CEO’s expertise in crises work is reflected in his appointment as an adjunct professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, where he teaches classes on crisis management and communications in the graduate program in Strategic Public Relations.

Electoral Campaigns

Our staff works hand-in-hand with candidates and groups organizing for or against ballot measures to develop strategy, positions and messaging that resonate with media and voters.

We partner with other campaign consultants and team members in a coordinated approach to support advertising, community relations, events and all aspects of a campaign.

The Fred Muir Communications team develops media materials and helps candidates, organizers and supporters to effectively deal with media, including serving as spokespersons.

We engage editorial boards to gain their support and place commentaries that enable campaigns tell their story in an unfiltered way to the demographically important audience of editorial pages.

Members of the Fred Muir Communications team have worked as professional journalists covering political campaigns, offering a real-world view inside newsrooms and the thought processes of journalists.

Labor Relations Communications

Fred Muir Communications works with management on a broad array of labor situations, from strikes and demonstrations to contract negotiations, organizing drives and corporate campaigns.

We support management and the legal, human resources and labor contract negotiating teams in designing and executing communications programs to reach key constituencies – employees, media, customers, suppliers, public officials and regulators - through difficult labor actions.

The communications plan is created to support negotiating and legal strategies as well as maintaining and growing the business through a labor situation. Every plan is structured to meet the demands and expectations of each client and the situation they are facing, whether it requires an aggressive proactive campaign or strategically assuming a defensive posture.

We have worked with multi-employer groups as well as individual companies in strikes, contract negotiations, organizing drives and corporate campaigns.